Improved longevity whatever the road.


Lower cost per mile and damage resistant

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"Drive more whatever the road"
  • Highly resistant to accidental damage
  • Tread pattern suitable for all types of roads
  • Lower cost per mile
  • Low operating temperature
  • Rubber compounds highly resistant
  • Rigidity of tread limiting abrasion
  • Improved wear pattern
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"Resist all accidental damage"
  • Excellent grip
  • Sidewalls have three rubber strips to reduce kerbing damage
  • New tread pattern which reduces the retention of stones
  • Grip and road handling improved in even difficult conditions
  • Directional tread
  • 4 longitudinal wide and deep grooves
  • Drive tyre M+S marked
  • Lateral grooves designed to reduce retention of stones
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"A greener way to transport goods"
  • MICHELIN Remix tyres offer similar levels of performance as New tyres, whilst using up to 25Kg less material
  • Regrooving enables the use of the tyre for longer in its most fuel efficient condition
  • Tyres manufactured in compliance with environmental standards
  • Up to 88% retreading acceptance rate ((2) en drive
  • All MICHELIN XZE 2, XDE 2 are manufactured in European ISO 14001certified factories

(2) Internal 2010 Michelin source. Number of retreaded tyres out of a
number of E-range tyres presented.

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Název Náprava UERR RRT Wet Grip UENO hluk Winter Specialist M+S