Unrivalled tyre life for your trailers


50% increased mileage potential!*

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Efektivita obchodu
"up to 50% increased mileage"
  • Lower cost per kilometre
  • Fuel consumption reduced (1)
  • Downtime for tyre maintenance will be reduced by approximately 50% (2)
  • Increase in load volume for trailers designed to be fitted with X® ONE MAXITRAILER™ + (3)
  • Tread pattern:
    • -  broad, robust shoulders to help resist lateral scrubbing
    • -  contact patch optimised to improve wear patterns
  • Optimised tread pattern and Energy Flex sidewalls
  • InfiniCoil reduces tread block deformation during use and optimises the contact patch characteristics

(1) Internal tests conducted in 2010. Compared with MICHELIN 455/45 R 22.5 X® ONE MAXITRAILER TM tyres
(2) Internal Michelin source.Compared with MICHELIN 385/65 R 22.5 XTE3 tyres. Performance monitored at customer sites from 2007 to 2011.
Compared with a semi-trailer fitted with 385/65 R 22.5 tyres. Internal tests conducted in 2010

(3) Par rapport à une semi-remorque équipée de pneumatiques 385/65 R 22.5. Test internes effectués en décembre 2010

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"Gain stability and protect your goods"
  • Improved road holding (3)
  • More stable and thus better protection of goods (4)
  • More versatile, suited to diverse applications (International, National, Regional)
  • Unique MICHELIN InfiniCoil architecture

(4) Compared with a semi-trailer fitted with 385/65 R 22.5 tyres.  

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"A greener way to transport goods"
  • Regrooving enables the use of the tyre for longer in its most fuel efficient condition.
  • Performance when retreaded as REMIX is on a par with new X® ONE MAXITRAILERTM + tyres, whilst saving 65kg in raw materials
  • All MICHELIN X® ONE MAXITRAILERTM + tyres are manufactured in European ISO 14001 certified factories
  • A consistent depth of under tread rubber in both MICHELIN X® ONE MAXITRAILER™ + tyres and MICHELIN REMIX X® ONE MAXITRAILER™ + tyres
  • Up to 88% retreading acceptance rate (5)

(5) Internal Michelin source. Number of retreaded tyres out of a number of E-range tyres presented

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Schéma prořezání


Teoretická hloubka prořezání Šířka prořezání Řezný nůž
H = 3 mm 8 - 10 mm R3
Název Náprava UERR RRT Wet Grip UENO hluk Winter Specialist M+S
455/45R22.5 X ONE MAXITRAILER + TL 160J MS
Nosná B D
070 dB
M+S Více informací Skrýt
Index nosnosti 160J
Nominální nosnost v jednoduché montáži 160
PR 22
Tlak huštění Zatížení při jednoduché montáži (kg) Zatížení při sdružené montáži (kg)
žádný výsledek